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This is a new product of PAWSOME Organics, which combines the benefits of coconut oil and turmeric into one.




Cocomeric could tremendously help (Cats, dogs, especially elderly dogs and general animals including small animals) in the following situations: 🙏👍


✅ Arthritis

✅ Cancer

✅ Allergies

✅ Skin irritations

✅ Improve cardiovascular health

✅ Hip pain especially in large dog breeds


🥄 Simply add Cocomeric into their meals once a day; the product itself can also be regarded as a natural remedy for wound healing.


✅ Suitable for: Cats, dogs, elderly dogs, general animals, small animals


🎯 Certified Organic

🎯 Made in Australia

🎯 Plant Based

Pawsome Organics - Cocomeric 450ml

SKU: S02-000-100
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