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About Us

Only the best for our paws.

Quality reassurance remains as the first priority for our paw friends, pet owners, customers, and our future potential shoppers. Excellent cleaning, grooming and offering premium products for all dogs and cats is what we are always passionate about,

From safe, interactive play spaces for Pawrents and VIPaws, to handpicked quality products and impeccable, transparent grooming,

The Dog's Garden is here to be the ultimate gatekeeper when it comes to what goes in or on our pawfriends.

Wong solo

Our founder's Story

A prologue in running the Dog's Garden...


Hello everyone, I am a CRAZY dog lover! I have two adopted dogs, and they are mongrels, Wong Wong and Miniature Schnauzer, Miss Doozy.


I sleep with them, play with them, eat with them and I work with them. They are with me all the time. They are my sunshine, and my best friends. Not only do they appear in my life as in giving my family and I great joyfulness, but also to make us learn how to love wholeheartedly. Especially, both of them have made me learn how to be responsible to my paws, as well as making me a better person for a lifetime commitment to come.


Why did we want to set up a pet business?


Mainly because of once my best companion, my schnauzer, my Jie Jie. He passed away a few years ago due to Spleen Cancer. Jie Jie had a positive and cheerful deposition by making me feel happy.


Even though I have given him the best that I could - in terms of quality of life, happiness and comfort, eventually I have discovered one of the reasons why he was suffering with such illness was to do with the type of dog food that was being fed at his middle age.

Personally, I was heartbroken to see my dog passing away in pain and he has always owned a special space in my heart.


Looking back, I did not acquire the best knowledge in taking care about my little guy, or the types of food that would suit him most. I could have done a better job in giving him a healthy life from his perspective, such as feeding Jie Jie a more balanced-diet, as well as learning to feed in a more balanced proportion of freeze-dried food, the overall situation would have been greatly improved.


For this reason, my sister and I were hoping to create a pet business in focusing on our pet's well-being. I am sure there are a lot of clientele who share a similar goal in giving a premium selection of healthy treats and products, only for the best of all our paw families.

the Dog's Garden hold high standards of all our treat collections from: Freeze-dried; Dehydrate; Air-dried; and Roasted. Particularly, our specialty snacks have an emphasis in making freeze-dried products, where the preserved nutritional content of the raw materials could be well-stored compared to other methods such as dehydrated foods.


For raw meats that are freeze-dried for preservation, all minerals will be intact that leaves most of the wholesome nutrients presented naturally. Besides, its food taste and aroma will remain at the finest quality. For instance, we have our signature treats including: Freeze-dried Chicken and Ginseng Cookie, Ground Beef, Salmon Bites, Eel Cube, Mini Krill and Crocodile Jerky.


What is our long-term retailer objective?


We continuously source lifestyle products from worldwide with human A-grade ingredients, as well as making our handmade treats for our paws. I wholeheartedly felt thankful in having this opportunity to share my mission with all of you who are reading this prologue, and to the ones who have a keen interest in caring about their paws.


If you are also a dog and cat lover, their life is in your hands. If you could afford to give them a better quality of life, please do give them the best love you could.


Love your life and love your pets equally, for our paw friends are well deserved.
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