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We are here because we care. 

Our first priority is to make our furry friends happy and healthy in four aspects: Quality Excellence, Spaces as Entertainment, Interactive Paw Business, Strong Team Spirit:
 How is the Dog's Garden different from other pet stores?
Quality Excellence
"We want the quality to be good", said our co-founders at OvertheCounter news, a leading animal health advisers and country store retailers magazine.

Quality reassurance remains as the first priority for our paw friends, pet owners, customers, and our future potential shoppers. Excellent cleaning, grooming and offering premium products for all dogs and cats is what we are passionate about at all times.
"We give a dog three washes. The first is to remove the oil and dirt; the second is to really clean the dog; the third wash is the conditioning. We are detangling each knot - we do it layer by layer", said one of our co-founders.
By doing so, each of our paw friend will be given a 1:1 grooming and added on wellness and spa treatment, along with a detailed grooming report which highlights the health condition in the dog's hair quality, eyes, ears and paws.
Spaces as Entertainment
We celebrate where pet spaces become entertainment for paw families who walked into our shop.
Our retail space has adapted a western-style outlet with a modern interior design including colorful floor tiles, looking at a long isle of pet toys, as well as our signature human-grade treats
(i.e.: Organic flaxseed chicken jerky, air-dried cod fish maw, freeze-dried chicken and ginseng cookie and many more.)
In our pet store, there are plenty of spaces to walk around along these meticulous designed areas that make a memorable customer journey for everyone who comes in.
Most importantly, we aim to provide a quiet, comfortable and cozy space for our paws. Each paw will be given the best-in-class cleaning and grooming space, in order to ensure that our paws have an immersive experience as a whole.
Interactive Paw Business
the Dog's Garden truly believes there is a responsibility in educating and learning with our clients + pets together as a community.

"We aim to educate customers for the benefit and quality of the furry animal, so the pet is happy - the mere goal is not only about making money", said our co-founders.
As the store adapts an open space setting, clients will be able to see their paws in the grooming room, where the reciprocal relationship begins between the owners, paws and grooming consultants.


"If clients want to stay behind and see how we detangle, so they can learn, and they can also do it in taking care of their paws daily", said our consultants. We also offer daycare services for your loved ones who are in need.

Looking into the future, our co-founders anticipate to set up a homeless centre for dogs and cats who are abused or abandoned. Previously, we have had meaningful partnerships with Hong Kong Paws Guardian and Paw United Charity in supporting charities and animal welfare issues.

Strong Team Spirit

"the Dog's Garden is the one groomer my dog Blanc, a samoyed, is happy to go to: the shop is very pleasant and the staff are cheerful", recommended by Hong Kong Tatler magazine.


Before coming into the store and serving our paw friends, we believe a strong team spirit is vital. That being said, not only do we care about our community and paw families, but also our retail, merchandising, grooming and operational team members who have made this neighborhood a success.


Currently, we have 5 team members and 3 grooming consultants at our retail stores, where we care about nurturing our talents and team building, who are our gatekeepers in serving our paw community together.

Come shop with us! 


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Wong solo

Owner's Story

A prologue in running the Dog's Garden...


Hello Everyone:

I am a CRAZY Dog Lover. I have two adopted dogs, and they are mongrel, Wong Wong and Miniature Schnauzer, Dozzy.


I sleep with them, play with them, eat with them and I work with them.


They are with me all the time. They are my sunshine, and my best friends. 


Not only do they appear in my life as in giving my family and I great joyfulness, but also to make us learn how to love wholeheartedly. Especially, both of them have made me learn how to be responsible to my paws, as well as making me a better person for a lifetime commitment to come.


Q: Why do we want to set up a pet business?


A: Mainly because of once my best companion, my schnauzer, my Jie Jie. He passed away a few years ago due to Spleen Cancer. Jie Jie had a positive and cheerful deposition by making me feel happy.


Even though I have given him the best that I could - in terms of quality of life, happiness and comfort, eventually I have discovered one of the reasons why he was suffering with such illness was to do with the type of dog food that was being fed at his middle age.

Personally, I was heartbroken to see my dog passing away in pain and he has always owned a special space in my heart.


Looking back, I did not acquire the best knowledge in taking care about my little guy, or the types of food that would suit him most. I could have done a better job in giving him a healthy life from his perspective, such as feeding Jie Jie a more balanced-diet, as well as learning to feed in a more balanced proportion of freeze-dried food, the overall situation would have been greatly improved.


For this reason, my sister and I were hoping to create a pet business in focusing on our pet's well-being. I am sure there are a lot of clientele who share a similar goal in giving a premium selection of healthy treats and products, only for the best of all our paw families.

the Dog's Garden hold high standards of all our treat collections from: Freeze-dried; Dehydrate; Air-dried; and Roasted. Particularly, our specialty snacks have an emphasis in making freeze-dried products, where the preserved nutritional content of the raw materials could be well-stored compared to other methods such as dehydrated foods.


For raw meats that are freeze-dried for preservation, all minerals will be intact that leaves most of the wholesome nutrients presented naturally. Besides, its food taste and aroma will remain at the finest quality. For instance, we have our signature treats including: Freeze-dried Chicken and Ginseng Cookie, Ground Beef, Salmon Bites, Eel Cube, Mini Krill and Crocodile Jerky.


Q: What is our long-term retailer objective?


A: We continuously source lifestyle products from worldwide with human A-grade ingredients, as well as making our handmade treats for our paws. I wholeheartedly felt thankful in having this opportunity to share my mission with all of you who are reading this prologue, and to the ones who have a keen interest in caring about their paws.


If you are also a dog and cat lover, their life is in your hands. If you could afford to give them a better quality of life, please do give them the best love you could.


Love your life and love your pets equally, for our paw friends are well deserved.

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