We are here because we care. 

We are a group of crazy people who love dog and cat more than ourselves. We spend on them more than we spend on ourselves.  They eat steak from the US while we eat junk like instant noodles for dinner because we are home late and busy preparing for their meals instead of ours.  
 Founded in 2015, the Dog's Garden aims to provide quality products, services, and solutions for the lifetime needs of our furry friends.  All products from our shops are carefully selected only for the best of the paws.  We have a professional grooming team to provide grooming services for your love ones.  They try their best to give you the best hairstyle you want , even tho. you might not like it 100% but you can rest assure your pets are safe with us and enjoying their stay with us.  
Stay in touch with our facebook page and blog for all the update news of the well being of our friends. 

Owner's Story

Hello Everyone. I am a CRAZY Dog Lover. I have two adopted dogs , Wong Wong and Dozzy. I sleep with them, play with them, eat with them and I work with them too. They are with me all the time. They are my sunshine, and they make me to be a better person than I was.


Why I want to open a pet shop? It is because my previous dog Jie Jie. He passed away because of spleen Cancer. He was a schnauzer, happy and joyful. We lived happily together and we enjoyed each other companion. I thought I treated him very well, so that when I found out one of the reason why he passed away at his middle age was because of too much consumption of bad unhealthy food, I was heartbroken. Even though I loved him so much, but I didn't know how to take good care of him, what food should I feed him, what were the things he should avoid eating. I was not knowledgeable enough to give him a healthy life.

That is the reason why I want to set up a pet shop with a good selection of healthy treat and products for only the best for our furry friends.

I source from worldwide for good brand with good ingredients, and also make good treat on my own to treat my dogs.  It is my joy and mission to share with those who care for their pets.

If you are a pet lover, please know that your pet's health is in your hands. If you could afford something better, please give them the best. Their value is more than the price you pay. So be a better owner than I was, Love your life & Love your Pets. They are deserved.

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