Pet Grooming

Professional Grooming Team with Certification 

1. All Shaved Style 

Done by Shaver on body, head, tail, legs and arms


2. Pet Style ( Shaved Body) 

Shaver on body ( NO MORE THAN 1 CM ) ; Hand clip head, tail, legs and arms


3. Full Hand-Clip Pet Style 

Full Hand-clip on body, head, tail, legs and arms

* Bath is included



Bathing, Conditioning, Brushing, Blow Drying, Belly Hair Shaving. Nail Clipping. Paw Hair Removal. Ear Cleaning, Anal Gland Express


Micro-Bubble Spa

Highly Oxygenated Water for Deep Pores Cleaning, Relaxation, Relieve Allergy and Inflammation


1. Beauty & Health Herb Pack

Hair Volume Up, Tangle Free , Soft and Light Texture Great for Styling


2. Moisture Health Herb Pack

With Aloe Vera to Help Doggies with Dry Fur & Itchy Skin, Rich & Silky Texture


3. Doctor's Health Herb Pack


With High Amount of Neem to Help Doggies with Pesky Odor, Sensitive & Sticky Skin


Nail & Ear Combo

Nail clipping, Ear Cleaning, Paw Hair Removal , Shave Around Anal Gland Area

Day Care

Leave them with us while you go shopping..

Loving and Fun Day Care service at our Spacious Stanley Shop 


below 20kg HKD 330

above 20kg HKD 550

Half Day Service

4 hours


below 20kg HKD 660

above 20kg HKD 880

Full Day Service

10:30am - 6:30pm 

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