the Dog's Garden Chinese New Year Gift Box - Set 1


  1. Freeze-dried beef cube from Argentina
  2. Air Dried Cod Fish Maw from Iceland
  3. Cow Toy 
  4. Pet's Red Pocket  


Freeze-dried beef cube 


Ingredients: 100% Beef from Argentina


  • Contains important minerals, vitamins, amino acids, high-quality protein, and iron.
  • Strengthen muscles and prevent anemia.
  • Can provide a lot of energy.


Air Dried Cod Fish Maw


Ingredients : 100% Cod Fish Maw from Iceland


  • Low fat and low cholesterol.
  • Rich in collagen, protein, phosphorus and calcium
  • Protect kidneys and help prevent cancer.
  • Anti-anemia, promote blood circulation
  • Improve bone density, lung function, skin and hair health.
  • Support hip and joint health.
  • Dental cleansing effect


the Dog's Garden Chinese New Year Gift Box - Set 1

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