Best for Small / Medium Dog 


4” Natural Center bones are oven baked with no smoke flavor. Most of our beef femur or tibia bones will have succulent marrow in the middle of the bone along with tasty meaty pieces left on the bone. They are USA natural beef femur or tibia bones with no artificial ingredients. These are best for small to medium size dogs. All Jones’ products are 100% grown and made in the USA.


Please read Feeding Guideline,


Make sure the bone is large enough for the size of the dog.  If the bone is small enough to fit in the dog’s mouth, it is too small.  It needs to be at least slightly larger around than the lower jaw of the dog.  Also, when the bone has been gnawed down to a considerably smaller size that will fit in the dog’s mouth, it should be taken away.


Make sure you choose a bone that is the right density for your dog.  Pork and lamb bones are softer bones and are only recommended for light chewers.  Beef bones are adequate for most chewers, with the shank bone and knee cap being the hardest, most dense bones available.


A bone is meant to be slowly gnawed down.  This provides the plaque removing benefits to the teeth and gives the dog a great chewing experience.  If large pieces or slivers of bone are being removed, make sure to take away the pieces broken off or take away the entire bone and try a different type of bone or chew.  Knuckles contain soft cartilage material which will be completely consumed and the center bone piece should be slowly gnawed.  


It is important to monitor your dog with the bone and choose the right bone for the dog.   If the dog is able to quickly consume the bone, it is not the right bone for the dog.  Bones should be slowly gnawed down by the dog, they are not meant to be ingested.  This provides the benefits of the natural grease and marrow for healthy skin and shiny coats as well as providing teeth cleaning by removing plaque.  There are many bones available on the market, from lamb, pork, and beef.  There are recommended dog sizes on the labels.  If the dog is able to remove large chunks or spiky pieces off the bone, the bone should be taken away.  When the right bone is chosen for the dog, it will provide hours of chewing pleasure for the dog while avoiding the risks listed here.


  • Storage

    store in a cool dry place

  • Product Info

    6 – 11 oz. each / 4” long/ salt 0.12%

  • Guaranteed Analysis

    Crude Protein Min. 20%, Crude Fat Min. 15%, Crude Fiber Max. 1%, Moisture Max. 4%

  • Ingredients

    beef femur or tibia bone

  • Please monitor your dog while chewing

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