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Every stroll you take with your dog is different. That is exactly the reason why Max & Molly designed the Multi-Function Dog Leash. This basic, but exceptionally functional dog leash offers a solution for every situation in which you end up with your dog. The leash can be used in 7 different manners. The sporty Max & Molly leash is made according to a unique sandwich construction. The top is made of a thick layer of extra strong polyester, the inside has a soft padding and the bottom is made of quick-drying neoprene. Additionally, reflective elements have been added to the dog leash, so you and your dog can be seen in the dark. Furthermore, the long dog leash is equipped with a carabiner and metal details.

  • Basic but highly functional dog leash
  • Can be used in 7 different manners
  • Made out of super strong polyester and fast drying neoprene
  • With a padded inside for a soft feel
  • Equipped with 2 carabiners and metal details
  • With reflective elements for enhanced visibility

Multi-Function Leash-Puzzle

SKU: C05-002-443
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