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 A unique and innovative multi-functional adjustable leash from Max & Molly with a well-thought design and stylish patterns.
 This leash can be adjusted to serve many purposes:
 Short length for training and crowded areas, medium standard length, long to give more freedom to your dog, can be placed around the waist for hands-free walking, can be used to tie and tether temporarily, or even to walk two dogs at the same time.
 – Adjustable leashes: short, medium, and long
 – Hands-free: around the waist belt or crossbody
 – 3-layers for maximum strength: neoprene, nylon, and polyester
 – Ultra-soft, cushioned, and hypoallergenic padding for extra comfort
 – Weatherproof, quick-drying, and odor resistant
 – For all dogs of all ages and sizes

Multi-Function Leash-Playtime

SKU: C05-002-363
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