Once again Max & Molly raises the bar for our pet's safety.


We equip all our collars with a Smart ID Tag without additional charge for you.

Have you ever lost your pet..even for 5 minutes? We believe that every collar should have an ID tag that you can register online and anyone can have access to all the necessary information to bring it back safely to the owner. Join our unique LOST PET PROTECTION PROGRAM.


Simply activate your Smart ID online: id.max-molly.com

Since 2010 we present new passionate designs which emphasize how joyful our pets really are. With a maximum of comfort due to soft materials and highest safety standards. Hypoallergenic, quick-drying, soft and comfortable neoprene. Inside padding for maximum comfort. Urban designs printed with precision on ultra strong polyester.

Max & Molly SMART ID COLLAR - Comic

  • Material

    Polyester, Neoprene

  • Care Instructions

    Gentle machine wash. No tumble drying.

  • Sizing

    XS:   1 cm x 22 - 35cm 

    S:     1.5 cm x 28 - 45cm 

    M:    2 cm x 34 - 55cm 

    L:     2.5 cm x 39 - 62cm 


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