Animal Plush Toy/Rabbit/Pink Stripe


Product Description


  • ストライプの衣装と首のワンポイントを備えたスタイリッシュなぬいぐるみは、ベロア生地の柔らかな手触りと色です。きゅうりを作るきしむ音ときしむ音をするしわで犬の興味を惹きます。


Precautions for Use


  • -This is a Dog's Toy Only.
  • -Be sure to use within the range of the owner's eyes.
  • -Do not use near fire or obstacles.
  • -Please take away from your dogs if the product is damaged or deformed.
  • -Should your pet swallow any debris, please consult your veterinarian immediately.
  • -Please note that Uneven color is a chracteristic of the original leather material.

Animal Plush Toy/Rabbit/Blue Stript

SKU: T01-001-663
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  • Washing Guidline

    Cold water handwash, wipe with a soft cloth, airdry

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