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EZ Mount Window Bubble Pod™

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  • Bubble look out window for a mesmerizing experience your cat will love
  • Mounts on any window for the perfect feline "entertainment center"
  • Includes a FREE K&H Manufacturing Amazin' Kitty Pad
  • Incredible suctions cups hold up to 60lbs



  • With all of the same features as the EZ Mount Window Pod™, the EZ Mount Window Bubble Pod™ includes a bubble lookout window!
  • Includes an Amazin’ Kitty Pad™ to keep kitty warm and comfy while bird and people watching.
  • The incredible suction cups will assure a solid, safe mount to virtually any window.


EZ Mount Window Bubble Pod™

SKU: B01-000-433
  • Size

    27" x 20"


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