Car Seat Saver™


  • Covers & preserves rear cargo area
  • Vinyl backing made of heavy Denier
  • Keeps cargo space dry
  • Simple installation
  • 2 color options to match most interiors
  • Universal fit


Economy Cargo Cover™

  • Size

    52" L x 40" W x 18" H

  • Care & Instructions

    Washing Instructions

    Due to the waterproof nature of this fabric, it is best to spot clean it with soapy water. If it is a bigger problem than a sponge can handle, we suggest hosing it off.

    If you have an extra-large washer and the cover fits loosely inside, it can be machine washed and line-dried. Otherwise you can take it to a laundry facility and use an extra-large capacity machine. Please line-dry to maintain the integrity of the vinyl coating on the backside of the fabric–this is what keeps your car protected. 


    Run one side of the strap around the headrest, then connect it with the other end of the strap. This should be done for both rear headrests. The rear portion of the cover can connect to your vehicle using the included hook & loop fasteners or suctions cups.


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