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​​​​​​​Car Seat Saver™


  • Coated with water-resistant material
  • Defends against dirt , moisture , rips, tears and pet hair ruining or staining the back seat of your vehicle.
  • Prevents dogs from moving to the front of vehicle
  • Formed from strong, double-ply denier nylon
  • Available in gray & tan to match most interiors


Car Seat Saver™

  • Size

    54" x 56" x 0.25"

  • Care & Instructions

    Washing Instructions

    Due to the waterproof nature of this fabric, it is best to spot clean it with soapy water. If it is a bigger problem than a sponge can handle, we suggest hosing it off.

    If you have an extra-large washer and the cover fits loosely inside, it can be machine washed and line-dried. Otherwise you can take it to a laundry facility and use an extra-large capacity machine. Please line-dry to maintain the integrity of the vinyl coating on the backside of the fabric–this is what keeps your car protected.

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