Air Dried Beef Tripe - 400g

(Stomache of a Grass-fed cow)


100% All natural, human-grade ingredients, gluten-free, no ingredients from china, no artifical coloring, preservative or corn.


ingredients : 100% beef tripe from UK


Benefits : 

  • Contains natural vitamins and minerals. 
  • Rich in protein, 70% of protein has 7 kinds of amino acids. 
  • Contains nearly perfect calcium to phosphorus ratio, and the best Omega 3 and 6 fatty acid ratio. 
  • It is very suitable for eating by mothers who are prone to stomach sensitivity and suckling dogs. 
  • Helps heart health and protects teeth. 
  • Increase healthy HDL cholesterol. 






Air Dried Beef Tripe -400g

  • ingredient

    100% Beef Tripe


  • Analytical Constituent

    Crude protein 75%
    Crude fat 1.5%
    Moisture 10%
    Fibre 4%

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