Animal Plush Toy / S / Pig


Product Description


  • 厚めの織生地で遊びが長持ち!にくめない表情とキューキュー鳴るスクイーカーで、ワンちゃんのハートをわしづかみ。鉛を含む重金属の溶出試験(EN71 Part3)に準拠し安心して遊ばせてあげることができます


Precautions for Use


  • -This is a Dog's Toy Only.
  • -Be sure to use within the range of the owner's eyes.
  • -Do not use near fire or obstacles.
  • -Please take away from your dogs if the product is damaged or deformed.
  • -Should your pet swallow any debris, please consult your veterinarian immediately.
  • -Please note that Uneven color is a chracteristic of the original leather material.

Animal Plush Toy / S / Pig

SKU: T01-001-325